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Levepa by Priyanka Kumar stands as a testament to unparalleled artistry and personalized beauty experiences crafted with Makeup. Founded by Priyanka Kumar, an extraordinary makeup artist.

Priyanka Kumar stands out as an exceptional makeup artist, going beyond the conventional norms of bridal and party looks. She’s a visionary dedicated to transforming your special occasion into an indelible memory, where her touch adds a radiant glow to your cherished moments. Priyanka has meticulously designed makeup packages that go beyond the individual, embracing entire families in her exquisite Wedding Wonderland package.

With a career spanning from 2016, Priyanka has adorned over 500 clients, earning acclaim for her exceptional bridal and engagement makeup services. Her unwavering dedication is centered on delivering an experience that transcends expectations, ensuring each client feels nothing less than extraordinary. Priyanka eagerly embarks on a journey to enhance the jubilation of the entire wedding experience for every member involved.

At Levepa, we’re proud to present a variety of makeup service packages designed for both sides of the wedding partners. These packages cover all ceremonies, whether it’s for the bride or groom individually, or together, we’ve tailored our offerings to suit every need. Our dedication extends beyond the couple to embrace their families, exemplified by our signature package, the ‘Wedding Wonderland.’ This exclusive offering ensures a memorable experience for both families and the couple, elevating their special day to unparalleled heights of joy and beauty.

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